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A dash of friendship, a dollop of tears, a pinch of secrets, and a sprinkling of magic...


Scarlett has a big problem...


Her mum is a successful mummy-blogger – featuring the embarrassing details of 12 year-old Scarlett’s life in a starring role. Whether it’s farting at Christmas dinner, or wearing Disney Princess knickers, sounding awful on the violin, or trying to make friends with the popular crowd, nothing Scarlett does escapes the blog! Scarlett decides that the only way to beat her mum at her own game is to quit all her activities and become totally boring.


Lonely and unhappy, Scarlett wants to change things. Her chance comes when an elderly neighbour, Mrs Simpson, is taken away in an ambulance. Scarlett enters her house to feed the cat and finds a wonderful, fully-stocked kitchen and a handwritten book of recipes with a cryptic inscription: ‘to my beloved daughter... may you find the secret ingredient’. In the secrecy of the amazing kitchen, Scarlett decides to teach herself how to cook.


Joined by an unlikely group of friends, including new girl Violet, popular girls Gretchen and Alison, and even the class heartthrob Nick Farr, The Secret Cooking Club is formed. Scarlett and her friends learn together about the importance of friendship and believing in themselves (all secret from her mum, for course). And when her neighbour, Mrs Simpson, returns from the hospital, Scarlett and the Secret Cooking Club have a battle on their hands to keep her from having to go to an old people’s home.


The Secret Cooking Club is a heart warming story of friendship, relationships, parents and children, and finding out the things that truly matter.


Oh, and they also make a lot of really yummy things that are guaranteed to make your mouth water...


From the Chicken House Books Website:



If you’re after a sweet treat, The Secret Cooking Club is a wonderfully warm debut from the latest Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition winner Laurel Remington. This touching story of friendship and family about a girl who discovers the secret ingredient to happiness through cooking is sure to charm you with its cosy atmosphere. 

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