About me

I'm a writer of children’s and teen fiction. I'm also a mum of three girls. I work as a lawyer for a renewable energy company that builds wind farms. I was born in California, and now live in Milford, Surrey (UK). 


The Secret Cooking Club was inspired by my three daughters who love to cook (and eat!) anything sweet. I like to bake with them (though, to be honest, I'm not a very good cook - and when I'm busy writing or editing a novel, we eat a lot of pasta and beans on toast!).

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My Writing


I've always had a lot of ideas for stories, and a few years ago I started writing them down. Since then, I've spent a lot of time learning the craft of writing a novel. I've also learned that writing is the easy part compared to editing - or getting published. 


I'd been writing for almost ten years before winning the Times / Chicken House competition. When the winner was announced, it was the best day of my writing life!


The publication process was been very positive and interesting, though it is a lot of work! It was especially good to visit the printer when I finally got to  hold a real book in my hands.


My advice to writers is to read every day and write every day. Believe in yourself, find other writers who can offer support, and be open to constructive criticism (you'll get lots of it!). Most importantly - keep going! 


Workshops and school visits


I am currently taking bookings for school visits, book signings, library visits and writing workshops. I can provide a tailored visit according to the ages and interests of the children. 


For more information, please get in touch.

Cooking up a story


Children have so many ideas, and I love encouraging them to write them down. My workshop 'Cooking up a story' helps to provide the basic tools and the confidence to get kids started writing their own stories. This can be tailored to age and specific topics or interests.